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Connect to various Federal Reserve resources, including SR and CA Letters, regulations, request for comment on rulemaking proposals, the latest Federal Reserve System speeches, and more.

  • Regulations External Link
    Congress has assigned to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors responsibility for implementing the Federal Reserve Act, External Link which established the Federal Reserve System, and certain other laws pertaining to a wide range of banking and financial activities. The Board implements those laws in part through its regulations, which are codified in title 12, chapter II, of the Code of Federal Regulations (12 CFR 201 et seq.).
  • Supervision and Regulation Letters External Link
    Supervision and Regulation Letters, commonly known as SR Letters, address significant policy and procedural matters related to the Federal Reserve System's supervisory responsibilities. Active SR letters can be accessed through the link above.
  • Consumer Affairs Letters External Link
    Consumer Affairs letters address significant policy and procedural matters related to the Federal Reserve System's consumer compliance supervisory responsibilities. The letters are sent to banking supervision staff at the Board and the Reserve Banks and, in some instances, to supervised banking organizations.
  • Request for Comment on Rulemaking Proposals External Link
    Comments can be submitted through the Board's website using the "Submit comment" links. Comments may also be submitted in writing or by electronic mail (see text of each proposal for contact information). Please note the closing date for each comment period.
  • Federal Reserve System News External Link
    View the latest testimony, speeches, press releases, and more from the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

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